China Network

"The China Network (a joint project of CRASSH and East Asian Studies) draws together scholars on three continents to ask: what processes of transmission mediate literary and cultural exchanges between China and the West? Giving central place to translation as a defining feature of Chinese modernism and modernity, the Network focuses on cultural translatability in the broadest sense. A series of workshops and international conferences was inaugurated at CRASSH in 2008; the second and third conferences will take place at Yale and Tsinghua Universities during 2009 on the topics of Conflict and Alternative Modalities of Modernity. The Network aims to stimulate exchanges between Chinese and Western academics, and to develop research capacity. In the West, contemporary China studies in literature and film has had to catch up with traditional and historical areas, while Chinese scholars have been quick to take up and translate a wide range of Western literary and cultural theorists."

In this website, you can find articles and workshops that have been and will be given on the subject from March 2008 to February 2010.

Directed by
Professor Mary Jacobus (Director, CRASSH)
Professor Hans van de Ven (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies).

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