Dialogue in Chinenglish


a american:Hi.
waitress:You have what thing?
a american:Can you speak english?
waitress:If I not speak english, I am speaking what?
a american:Can anybody else speak english?
waitress:You yourself look. All people are playing, no people have time, you can wait, you wait, you not wait, you go.
a american:Good heavens. Anybody here can speak English?
waitress:Shout what shout, quiet a little, you on earth have what thing?
a american:I want to speak to your head.
waitress:Shit,you speak to my mouth not my head!

another one:
a Chinese child are 10 years old, he have learnt English for one month. one day, he are running on the way home, and he hit an american.
the Chinese Child: I am sorry!
the American: I am sorry too!( the Chinese Child thinks “too” is “two” , his teacher told him to be polite to foreigners )
the Chinese Child: I am sorry three!
the American: What are you sorry for?( the Chinese Child thinks “for” is “four” )
the Chinese Child: I am sorry five!

‘Chinglish’ is a portmanteau word, which means ‘Chinese English’, and refers to spoken or written English influenced by Chinese. This dialogue is an example of the stereotype created by the western society about the chinese and how they use the linguistic knowledge of English to comunicate.

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